Friday, April 15, 2011

The perils of walking with children

I quite like a nice country side walk, nothing too far, 2 km is nice on a sunny day, 5k is a comfortable and satisfying distance. Walking can be a great pleasure, with time to ponder all of life’s wonders, nature and the landscape, the ways our bodies work to propel us ahead.
UNLESS, of course, you are walking with your children and your children happen to be 5 and 7, and one of them is a ‘reluctant walker’.
The definition of ‘reluctant walker’ in our household is a person who seems very enthusiastic to actually go for a walk and would be very put out at the suggestion that they are not actually going to enjoy themselves and can stay home and do something else instead (like torment their dad).
However, after walking for about two minutes, the walking torment begins....
“How long are we going to be walking for?”
“Are we going this way?”
“Can I have my drink please?”
“Can you carry my toy please?”
“Can I have my toy now please?”
“Mummy, Mummy, MUMMYYYYYYYYYYY, wait for me”
“Mummy, Mummy, MUMMYYYYYYYYYYY, I can’t catch up”

Carry on with questions and constant moaning until mum reluctantly cuts short planned 2 ½ km walk to 1 km and turns around to come back home.
My son is a different story; he enjoys a walk and likes to enjoy nature in a quiet, contemplative way. He enjoys a good old chat about the things we see, or school, or football cards and stuff but also enjoys walking with a good stick and a satisfying sandwich and drink at the mid point of the walk before returning home.

There is a small peak close to our house which we have named “Pride Rock” after the Lion King story but which is actually known as Eagle’s Point. It’s not that far away but I haven’t made it yet....mainly because I took both children (I am ever the optimist and keep hoping that, one day, my daughter will suddenly start to enjoy the things around her and walk a bit more peacefully). I’d like to tackle it again this weekend, but small child will be left at home to torment dad.


  1. So did you tackle Pride Rock this weekend?
    Was thinking about you this evening as we have just had some people over for dinner and I didn't have any welshcakes to give them. We had to settle for berries with lots of warm chocolate sauce instead for dessert.

  2. We've had the same problems. We gave one a metal detector and the other a camera, which makes walks a little easier. So nice to meet you here :)


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