Tuesday, May 10, 2011

25 things that make me happy...actually, make that 52 things...

The blog today is inspired by my friend Nikki Bartlett, who sees magic in everyone she meets. She's the sort of person that you can meet and within 3 minutes, you will want her to be your friend. She's an amazing people person and, understandably, her work is with people and her passion is helping people to achieve the best that they can, either in their work, their family, their spirituality, or their life in general. She recently sent me a link to her blog, which outlined 100 things that make her happy. I enjoyed reading it and thought I'd share, I think it's a great idea and all fellow bloggers out there, I think you should all do the same..if you do, post the link in my comments box so that I can come and have a nosey at yours too!!
I made my original list of 100 and then decided to whittle it down for easy blog reading. As you can see from my title today, the original idea was for 25 things, but I just couldn't whittle that much, I wanted to include the eventual 52 that you see on the list! It's interesting to note how many of these things are free or cost very little!
Enjoy reading and have fun making your own list!

1.       Snoogling up on the sofa with a good book...and not being able to put the book down
2.       Kisses from my husband
3.       A lie in
4.       Clean sheets
5.       A warm bed on a cold night
6.       People laughing at my jokes
7.       Swimming in a pool at a nice temperature
8.       Wading into the sea on a hot day
9.       New Babies (especially other people’s)
10.   Reading or watching or listening to a really good piece of work from a student
11.   Being able to make myself understood in Spanish
12.   Planting stuff and watching it thrive
13.   Walking
14.   Dancing with my children to loud music
15.   Listening to loud music in the car
16.   Singing
17.   Rolling on the bed with husband(this is not a euphemism, I literally mean rolling on the bed)
18.   The moment before tickling my children when I give them the choice of armpit, rib or neck
19.   Chasing anyone up the stairs to 'catch their bum' with a little pinch (this is a Green Davies family rite of passage!)
20.   Solitude
21.   A quiet house
22.   A blue sky and the sun shining
23.   Talking to another person who loves books and has read some of the same stuff as me
24.   Watching really really good theatre
25.   When someone gets justice
26.   Writing my blog
27.   friends
28.   Drinking cocktails on my balcony on a summer’s evening
29.   Accomplishing something
30.   Being able to dig up a relevant literary reference or quotation for a given moment
31.   Sitting down to a good meal that I’ve cooked for friends
32.   When my daughter listens to me

33.   Putting on some nice lipstick
34.   Having a tidy house
35.   Putting the world to rights after a few drinks
36.   My mother’s love
37.   A nice warm shower
38.   Making a fire
39.   Body surfing in the sea
40.   Doing something I find scary, like jumping off a cliff into the sea, or abseiling
41.   Steve’s chocolate cake
42.   My wedding rings
43.   Having faith in human nature
44.   Writing great novels in my head
45.   Getting a letter in the post from a friend
46.   Getting an e mail from any of my friends
47.   People leaving comments on my blog
48.   Being so nice to the unhelpful person that they do something for me even if they don’t want to and then they smile at me
49.   Feeling a sense of community and the kindness of that community
50.   Learning
51.   Having the right word for what I want to say
52.   Stephen Green and all the things we do well together!


  1. Oh Sian this is amazing...
    Do you know that I nearly wrote something similar this afternoon inspired by the "favourite things" song from The Sound of Music?"
    There are so many things on your list that I would have to put on mine too. I can see how you can't keep it to 25, omce you start you can't stop! I can't wait to do this. It will have to wait until a bit later as I'm just catching a few quiet minutes before the shower/reading/ bed routine here.
    Great reading.

  2. I wrote a similar list around 10 years ago... it must be somewhere on my computer in the Sentimental Value folder; would be interesting to compare that to now! What a lovely idea, really shows our appreciation for all the little things in life :)


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