Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eva Ibbotson’s The Star of Kazan

This is a rollicking good read for any teenage reader or any adults interested in teen fiction. Ibbotson is a wonderful story teller and I have enjoyed every one of her novels that I have read so far. She’s eclectic in her writing and this story is a great mystery, telling the tale of Annika, an orphan found abandoned and adopted by a pair of servants. The book details Annika’s adventures with her young friends and the multiple guardians that seem to adopt her as the novel progresses. Many adult readers will guess the twists in the tale long before Annika, but this is an exciting read nonetheless. Ibbotson’s strengths are in her beautifully evocative portrayals of characters and places, they really draw pictures to dwell in the reader’s imagination.

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