Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Merry and Piper

So, what do you do after you’ve moved country and school and job and home in the last year? When you’ve started to settle into your new home and community, when routines at work are beginning to feel more familiar...when you have a good relationship with your neighbours and when, as a family you are finally beginning to feel at home? Yes, you get a pet!!
We’ve finally made the plunge, we are adding to our family next week. We are putting another boy and girl into the equation and hoping that all will be well. Yes, we are getting not one, but two dogs....we are full of nervous trepidation as to the changes this is going to bring to family life. Two additional responsibilities for us to think about, plan around. Life is busy enough already....
I think my daughter’s managed to telepathically hypnotise us from our-
Yes perhaps we should think about getting a dog
to a –
 Yes, let’s get not just one but two dogs!
We’ve been thinking about it for months and researching breeds and suitability and finally we think we’ve found the perfect solution, Spanish Water Dogs. They are clever, can run (when they’re old enough they will accompany husband on his morning runs), they are good with children and they don’t shed their hair, instead growing long ringletty dreadlocks. They need a hair cut every six months and they look a bit like sheep!!! Even cooler, they can swim. In fact, they have webbed feet...how cool is that? They are used for herding in Spain but we'll just be using them for herding the children...

We were advised by a number of friends to get two dogs, as we are all out of the house for three days of the week and the theory is that the dogs will keep each other company and play....as opposed to a lonely dog on its own....so they are on their way. Apparently the girl is the boss, she is going to be called Piper and the boy is going to be called Merry. We are very excited and looking forward to meeting them next Wednesday....Let’s hope they don’t lead us a merry dance...what an adventure


  1. Oh Sian, that is so exciting!
    Pets are fantastic fun and great company. I know what you mean that it's part of the settling in process - it's like a declaration of 'now we're settled'.
    We so wanted dogs but weren't quite brave enough...so we treat our cats a bit like dogs and one of them now believes that's what he is!
    I've never heard of Spanish Water Dogs but they look cuddly. Looking forward to reading about them.

  2. Sadly Beth, the dogs have arrived but when we took them for their first vet visit we discovered that Piper has a congential heart defect and may not live very long. the breeder has offered to take the dogs back (he really should have had them checked more thoroughly before sending them). As you can imagine we are emotionally overwrought and trying to decide the best course of action for the family. So our long anticipated adventure with the dogs may actually end up being a bit of a short lived tragedy...feeling very sad about it all.


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