Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guess who's coming to dinner?

On Friday, our respective Spanish teachers (husband's and mine) will be coming to dinner and bringing their partners.
At the table the Nationalities represented will be:
Welsh, English,Irish,Dutch,Spanish and Spanish.

We will more than likely speak predominantly English although I will try to get a bit of Spanish in there to keep up the vocab and grammar. We'll be eating a combination of Spanish, British, Italian and French food and drinking wine (who cares from whence it comes!)
If the weather continues to be glorious we will eat out on our balcony and listen to the birds twittering their merry sundown delights. We may also be able to watch the skittery bats swooping through the telegraph poles although the biting mosquitoes may have driven us into the haven of inside by then.
We are all a bit weary as we are waiting for the too long in arriving Easter holiday, so we're all looking forward to a relaxing Friday night with friends.
My Spanish teacher is insistent that she is bringing two puddings despite the fact that I keep telling her she doesn't need to (I am conscious that she works full time while I have the luxury of not working on Fridays so I have time to prepare - hence the reason I am not panicking about cooking, I have hours to get things ready). She will not tolerate a pudding refusalist and she wants to bring two, so I am bowing to her superior Spanish insistence and cultural desire and awaiting a delightful Spanish puddingy surprise.

I'm also hoping we'll have the chance to try some Tinto Verano (summery light Spanish red wine with sugar and juice, sounds foul, tastes great!) and maybe some Mojitos!Or if we're really adventurous, we'll add to the pudding selection by having s Cava Sorbet (basically spanish champagne with sorbet...any excuse to crack open a bottle!)

I'm looking forward to our multicultural multilingual party and hoping that the wine and food are as good as the company.
Roll on feliz fin de semana (Roll on happy week end)


  1. I think you should add some welshcakes to the feast. Some little ones to go with the 'time to go home' cup of tea or coffee. Or better still, give them as a little gift - a growns ups party bag!
    Looking forward to finding out how it all goes.

  2. You're so funny Beth, I will have to look on your blog for your welsh cakes recipe and find a flat griddle pan!!


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