Thursday, September 16, 2010

The technophobe is on her way...welcome to the 21st Century.

Ha, I'm here and so pleased with myself it's untrue. Isn't it sad to be so pleased with new technology! Anyway, reasons for blogging? To share with anyone who wants to read and listen to my thoughts on books and reading as I can never find a satisfactory, honest and brilliant review spot for new and old books I may want to read, so I'm starting my own for other readers who may be interested. Also, I'm fed up of the limited space I have on facebook to share my thoughts with family and friends, so I think I'm going to send them here instead.

On the books front. very much looking forward to the new Magnus Mills book which is due soon. having just moved to a new house in Spain without adequate shelving for all our books, we have many boxes waiting to be unpacked. In typical Siany style, I read the books that I brought with me super fast, so have been randomly unpacking boxes to find old favourites to keep me going. one such old favourite was Magnus Mills' "Three to see the King" and I love that book. I've read it three, possibly four times now and each time I think that the man is a genius. Some argue that he lost his form with his more recent releases. but I would hold my own with anyone who challenged the greatness of his first three books. I am now desperately rooting through boxes to find "All Quiet on the Orient Express", another favourite.

So what do I like about Magnus Mills? I love the seeming simplicity of style which creates a great sophistication in character and allows the reader their own journey of implication and allegorical relationship with the text. Who is the king? Who are the three? Where is the religious link? The book is a great commentary on relationships, the power of individuals and the strength of the mob! I'm usually a plot based person and some could argue that not much happens, but sometimes that's the point of a Magnus Mills book, it's about the simple things in life and how they happen and about the emptiness that can be all around us and the rituals and habits that we have in our everyday life.


  1. Thanks for that Sian. Don't think I've read that author. I'll add him to my library list. So many books, so little time, even when retired.

  2. Ms Davies! I love your blog. I will be a dedicated reader! I had no idea your views about vegetarianism so closely parallel mine. I will never forget the day you helped me with my anemia by giving me the wonderful idea of mixing almonds and dried apricots. Who'd of thought you need to have Vitamin C alongside iron to ensure its absorption into the bloodstream?!? Well, ever since your advice I've had a healthy red blood cell count and owe it all to you!

  3. Heavens, that brings back memories. I read 'Three to See the King' for the first time in Yr 10, simply because the idea of a mobile tin house was so unusual. And the book cover had a nice pic on it :) Just the name sends chills down my spine because it was so haunting. Must read it again (12 years later!) to fully appreciate it. Keep up the blogging!


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