Friday, September 24, 2010

Life in Spain - Part Two

I love the fact that the lady in the dry cleaners calls me 'Guapa'. This means pretty, or beautiful on a good day. I am 41 years old and greying badly and she calls me 'guapa', it's great!

I love the fact that when you meet a person for the first time they say 'Encantada', which is pleased to meet you but sounds far more beautiful. Why don't we say this as standard anymore when we meet someone new. We may do sometimes but it's not a standard thing...I was so excited today when I rang a Spanish lady to confirm Owain's attendance at a birthday party and when I introduced myself she said the magic 'Encantada'. Lovely! she barely knows me but she's pleased to meet me!

I love the fact that my son has invites to two birthday parties this weekend. One is tonight, starts at 6p.m. and ends at 9p.m, yes 9p.m.!! Having confirmed our attendance, I am aware of the fact that the parents will all be Spanish. My limited language skills are going to be tested!! At least I can say 'Encantada' when I meet people for the first time!!

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  1. I love that fact that my teenage daughter (14 !) arranged to meet Spanish friends whilst we were on holiday in Spain - they met at 10.30 pm!!!! and got back at 1.30 am.



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