Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting in touch with my inner witch

Our estate agent’s wife has just had a baby. It’s a convoluted story and connection, I know, but basically the estate agent was mega helpful when we moved. Not only did he arrange for our kitchen to be installed and fans put in various rooms (we were moving across in August!!). He also made sure our water and electricity were connected and got our phone line sorted within a month of us moving in (my neighbours are still astounded by the efficiency of the phone line, having waited 6 months for their own connection!)
He also arranged for shower surrounds to be installed and made numerous visits to help us arrange electricians, plumbers and pool cleaners. Some things didn’t work; the pool cleaners left the pool with a chalky residue that we are still trying to flush out and the pool cleaning man had a villainous look about him that I didn’t really like, so he won’t be coming back again!
Lots of things worked though and our life was made generally easier by our friendly estate agent. And now his wife has had a baby. This is the perfect excuse for me to let out my inner witch!
Many years ago I trained as an aromatherapist. It’s basically a study of beautiful smells and massage and lotions and therapeutic properties. What is there not to love? I studied about 12 years ago when shops were just beginning to see the potential of using natural fragrances in products and now the market is huge.
Despite the fact that you can now buy really very good quality aromatherapy products everywhere, I still like to make my own and so this morning, I got out my lotions and potions, the oils and smells, the mixing spoons, the funnel and intuition and made a lovely massage oil for the new baby and a gorgeous nourishing lotion for the new mum.
As I had all the stuff out, I also made a birthday lotion for my friend Karen. A lovely morning, one of my favourite ways of passing a few hours!
I sincerely believe that making something for someone else and the process of blending natural things together, whether through cooking or making potions or concocting elderflower cordial or even making strawberries and cream, really helps us to get in touch with nature, to stop and think about our lives and to cherish the many beautiful things we have around us. It’s the best side of witchery, the magical uses of nature in everyday life to celebrate! In particular today; celebrating the birth of a new baby girl, helping the mum cope with the joyous but exhausting business of baby rearing and celebrating a good friend’s birthday.
Let out your inner witch today!

My kitchen counter this morning!

What happens if you let the inner witch out!!


  1. I was really wondering where this was going with the mention of witches, real estate agents and then a baby!?
    I think it's lovely that you went to the effort to make something for them - very thoughful and personal too.

  2. I've always loved aromatherapy oils but have as much knowledge about them as I do about balaclavas. What a lovely idea though. Did you have a pointy hat? And... is that Aoife in the photo? Goodness.. she has GROWN!


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